5 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Prayer (Updated)


Having a kid brings with it a responsibility to teach, but I am learning a lot as well. Kids remind us what it was like to be young again. Jesus was right when He said that unless we become like a little child we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. It is also true that when you watch a young child ask for something we can learn something about how we should pray.

1. Kids don’t give up very easy.

If you have ever seen a child asking for something they really want you will see a lesson in persistence. Let me ask God with that much tenacity.

 2. Kids are not afraid to ask.

My daughter does not seem to have a hesitancy at all to ask me for what she wants. Maybe we become too afraid of getting a no that we don’t even ask God for things He may be more than willing to give us.

 3. Kids trust their parents have the ability to answer.

No request is too large for my daughter to ask. She doesn’t wonder if I can answer or not. I have limited power to answer, but in prayer I am going into the throne room of the universe.

4. Kids believe that their parents want to answer.

When my daughter asks she really believes that I want to give her good stuff. Do you believe that God wants to give you good and perfect gifts? As Steven Furtick reminds that the old kid’s prayer is really good theology: “God is great. God is good…”

5. Kids are excited when they receive.

Although I have to teach my daughter to express gratefulness, I don’t have to teach her to get excited when good things happen to her. I have to learn from her about what it is to celebrate. Would I put a smile on God’s face if I celebrated like she does when He gives me good things?

Maybe you could take one of these and try it next time you pray.

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