Starting a Tsunami of Prayer

God has rolled up his sleeves.
    All the nations can see his holy, muscled arm. Isaiah 52:10 (The Message)

One of my mentors shares this verse and then asks us to think about what God might still have up His sleeves. God is at work and we get to be involved in it. One of the things that God is doing in the world today is the prayer movement that is exploding. I was talking to Vice President of Training for the Billy Graham organization and he said that what God is raising up in prayer is like nothing ever seen in history. And we can get involved in it.

In that same conversation I was sharing with him how we have yet to see what a move of God will really look like with the advancement of technology. If you are reading this you are involved in that movement. Will you pray with me that the wave of God’s activity will go to a whole new level? May the Tsunami Warning Systems go off in the Enemy’s camp because God is calling His people to prayer and action!

There is another way that you can get involved. As a ministry, Christ Connection and Enjoying Prayer, we have a plan to make an impact that can change regions and nations. But we can’t do it alone. I am including a basic picture of how these waves of impact can expand. I am praying that God puts it upon your heart to get involved. If God asks you to help this movement you can make a difference here. Will you join us today?





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