My Week After Easter Prayer (Expanded)

I enjoyed looking at my news feed on social media and reading the stories of all that God did in churches of pastor friends around the world. But it reminds me of an important and practical principle for the week after Easter.

I don’t remember where I heard this but, Billy Graham was once asked what was going through his mind as he saw hundreds of people respond by coming to the front after he had presented the Gospel message. He said that he thought about the parable of the farmer who sows the seed. Some of those who have heard the Gospel would have the seed stolen quickly. Others would grow, but quickly die out. He thought about the fact that maybe only 1 in 4 would last.

It was put another way by the famous missionary to India Praying Hyde that might be helpful. He talked about how when a major event is coming up we spend a lot of time praying for the events success. We ask God to bring in a harvest and similar prayers. Praying Hyde encouraged people not to forget to pray after the event for the fruit that came in as a result. Pray that people stay with their commitments to God whether for the first time or growing in that relationship. A great reminder and very practical.

So before you go on with your day would you pray these things with me?

  1. For protection of the seed of the Gospel presented on Easter around the world.

The enemy would desire to steal, kill and destroy. Let’s pray that the seed would go down deep into the soil of people’s hearts.

  1. For the people who made decisions at your church as they start out in this first week of new life.

Many people who started a journey toward Jesus will face the challenges of a real life struggles. Let’s pray that they have a week that would bring them back to church the next week.

  1. For friendships with Christians who will disciple them in following Jesus.

Friendships with other Christians are vital to our faith. They are also vital to a new believer. Let’s pray that they form quickly.

  1. For excited opportunities for these new believers to share their faith.

New believers often have some great opportunities to share their faith that can have a snowball effect. Let’s pray that they have the boldness to take advantage of these opportunities.

If we pray these things who knows if the Sunday after Easter may be even better than the harvest of Easter itself!

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