Start Somewhere

In this video I give you the place to start if God has put a dream in your heart.

Before you leave and think this doesn’t apply to you let me encourage you to realize this is true no matter what you are working on in your life:

You want a better marriage, maybe you need to buy a book on building your marriage. Start Somewhere.

You want to exercise more, maybe simply start by taking the stairs over the elevator. Start Somewhere.

You want to eat healthier, maybe you start with a little protein first thing when you wake up. Start Somewhere.

You want a better prayer life, begin by praying while you brush your teeth. Start Somewhere.

You want better relationships, start by committing to one church event other that Sunday AM. Start Somewhere.

I hope that you are beginning to get the idea. Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit, talks about keystone habits. These are habits that become the foundation of changing a bunch of habits. But again you have to start somewhere.

In the video you hear me talking about some action for 20 seconds. This is a reference to a quote from the movie We Bought A Zoo.

So before you go on with your day, send an email to ask someone to be your accountability partner, update your status committing to being at the prayer meeting once a month, or buy the book on prayer. Start Somewhere!


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