Are you missing out by not connecting to God’s network?

I spend a good amount of time connecting with people. We have booths at conventions to introduce the ministry to people who need to learn about it. I am lunches and coffees with pastors and leaders to hear their heart and see how we might work together. Networking can sound sleazy at times, but my attitude is to build a “net” of connections so that together we can do the “work” that God has given us.

But there is a problem. Let me nerd out on you for a moment. Even if I was introduced to a new person every second, 24 hours a day -7 days a week, for the rest of my life I wouldn’t even meet half the people in the world. And what if I need to meet someone in the other half to accomplish the mission God has for my life. That is why my prayer life is so important.

I love the story of Moses after the mountain. God told Moses he could have Aaron as a partner in the ministry of leading the people out of Egypt. But Moses couldn’t get down the mountain and text his brother to come down and visit him. So God went to work. “The Lord said to Aaron, ‘Go into the desert to meet Moses.’” (Ex 4:27) God was connecting them together.

We do our part, but we are also dependent on God to introduce us to the people that we could never meet on our own. Maybe before you go on with the rest of your day ask God to lead you to someone he wants you to “network” with this week!

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