How to live with God when you have a crazy schedule.

You may be reading this feeling the intense pressure of a crazy schedule for your day. There may even be a small feeling that you shouldn’t be reading this right now. Then at other points of your day you will feel uneasy because you feel like you have not given enough time for God.

There are some thoughts that stick with you that help you for a long time after you hear them. A couple years ago I watched this video and the thought I will shared after may be a great comfort to you.

One of my big takeaways from this video is when he talks about needing to have a longer calendar. This helps me in some great ways. First it has given me grace to see the spiritual practices that may be more periodic for me than a daily routine. For example Jack Hayford talks about how he is now a big journal person. He just writes at certain seasons when he needs to process something. This helps me as I embrace my own journal method.

Second, it gives me joy in the seasons of life. Certain times of the calendar year have a different tempo than others. If you are a parent of school children the season of right before school can have a busier pace to it. Giving myself grace in those times brings new joy to my journey.

Third, he talks about this long view meaning that at other times you push in more intensely. Maybe you can’t spend your normal time in the morning with God so then you take a walk with God on one of your break times at work. It is a busier season of life so you have to set aside the news for a couple weeks so you can designate your free time to prayer and Bible reading.

Finally, I love his simple practice of getting up and saying that God is here. It reminds me of Frank Laubach and his game of minutes. He challenged himself to try to be aware of God’s presence at least one second of every minute of the day. Being aware of God is one of the greatest ways to bring God into our busy days.

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