5 Reasons People Don’t Pray (Updated)

As I travel I find a lot of Christians who don’t pray. It is not that they don’t think that they “should” pray it is just that for various reasons they don’t. Just realizing what the reasons are can make a big difference in turning it around. Here are some of them with some thoughts to tackle it.

  1. We forget

I know how it goes. We get up and are feeling behind so we jump out of bed, get ready and help get the family ready for the day. We hurry out the door and head to our destinations. When we get to work or school we dive right in to the day’s activities. By the time we look up from our meetings and email the day is done. We hurry home get dinner ready and then run off to evening activities or just want to vegetate. Before we know it the day is over. We do this for 5 days, have a fun day on Saturday and end up in our regular seat on Sunday realizing we don’t know God any better.

2. Think it is boring

When people think about prayer they don’t often see it correctly. They do not see it as a planning session with the God of the universe. It is easy to not picture it as opening the door to enter the most powerful place in the universe. It is kind of like opening the wardrobe door and entering into Narnia. The Bible is full of stories of simple moments that people had with God that were revolution moments for their lives and those around them.

 3. Intimidated

It is easy to get intimidated when you listen to other people pray.  I lead a ministry on prayer and sometimes hear other people pray and am tempted to be intimidated. But let other people talk to God the way that they talk to God and build your own friendship with God.

4. Don’t see the difference it makes

We sometimes miss that massive difference that our prayer makes. Ordinary people pray and families, neighborhoods, cities, countries and the world are changed. Prayer is actually one of the more powerful things that we can ever do.

5. Just feel guilty about not praying enough

Even when we read something like this we can hear a little voice in our head saying, “You loser, you don’t pray enough.” But that is just a lie of the enemy trying to get you to be discouraged and not pray. Little prayer is better than no prayer. The next step is better than no step. Enjoy the moments you have with God and I can pretty much guarantee it will grow.

BTW-I wrote the e-book, “Your Meeting With God” to tackle these struggle a little deeper. You can get it for free by signing up for our emails.

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