5 Things to Pray On Your Kids First Day of School for the Year

As your kids get on the bus for their first day of school for the year you may wonder what their year will be like. Rather than worry let me encourage you to take a moment to invest in them with prayer. I have written elsewhere about a method to pray for your kids and grandkids, but let me give you a few to get you through the day today:

1. Pray for their teachers

These are people who have a great influence on your kids. But they are also people who have bad days and good day. They need strength when stress starts to get to them. Lift the teacher or teachers’ name to God.

2. Pray for friends

A new year can bring new friends and these kids can bring new joys to your child. Praying for divine connections is a great way to pray into your children’s future. As you get names that first week you can add them to your prayer life.

3. Pray through their schedule

If you know what their schedule will be you can bring it to God a class at a time. Pray over the subjects and for the ability to learn. Even pray for their time moving between classes when all sorts of fun things can happen.

4. Pray for favor for your children

Key people received favor with leaders in the Bible and it made a difference. I want my daughter to have favor with the administration, lunch ladies and custodians. I can make a difference with this by my prayer.

5. Pray for challenges that inspire but don’t discourage

Every school year will have its share of challenges. It should have some to stretch your child. But you can pray that these challenges have a positive impact and even produce some surprising good results.

Taking a few minutes to pray for your children can go a long way toward a great year.

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