What does Christmas really mean to you?

(From Kevin-I wanted to pass along to you today a great thought from my wife Jennie as we are 2 weeks from Christmas. Hope you enjoy) 

What does this season mean to you? I know the right answer…Jesus. But the truth is, you see what is important to you when you look through you calendar and bank account.

When you look close into your finances you will see what is important to you and your family. Every year I tell my daughter Christmas is about giving and then you look at your checkbook (or for me my Amazon account) it is a hard truth to see. It is not always pretty or fun to look at where you are really spending you money. If you had to share your bank account with a friend, would you be proud of what is in black and white? For me I think of my missionary friends who sacrifice so much would I be ashamed of my spending.

Monkey see, monkey do. Our kids see how we spend our money. They see how we give! They learn our values (and learns their values) by watching us. Will remember that toy giving to another child in need more than the toy they get to add to the pile of toys they have?

(Our 12 days of giving tree)

Time!!!!!!!!!!! How do you spend your time this season? I am not saying in a soup kitchen or on the street handing out blankets. Let’s look at our every day. Are you stressed about getting stuff done? Are you taking time to make memories or are you working very hard on making things perfect? I am nowhere near where I would like to be on this. It is such a hard balance of making memories and getting stressed about making memories. Are you spending time running around or with family? If you say family is first, are you spending your time with them?

God is my first priority, but am I making Him my focus this season. Are we attending church services or standing in line to see Santa? This is so hard in our world. Jesus is the reason for this season. Yes we have a nativity and a Jesus birthday cake, yet is that really what I want my daughter to remember about Christmas. I want her to know this holiday is the reason I have HOPE for my daily life. Jesus coming to earth is the reason for my hope.

I hope you are challenged to be more aware of your actions this season. Have fun and make memories. Spread the hope to the next generation!

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