Top 10 Read Posts of 2015

As a guy who has embraced the nerd within the stats on my website ends up being a number I follow probably more than I should. But this also means that I enjoy the round up posts that sites do at the end of the year. Here is our top ten read posts of 2015:

10. How to pray for someone

9. The Danger of “The Gift of Intercession”

8. The introvert and extrovert guide to a prayer life

7. One of the biggest temptations for people of prayer

6. 4 reasons God hasn’t answered your prayer

5. Why Pray- 10 reasons to make an investment in prayer

4. 10 reasons people don’t come to your prayer meeting

3. 5 surprising results of not praying

2. 4 things to pray for your kids or grandkids

1.  Seven habits of highly effective prayers

Looking forward to journeying together in the year ahead

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