Top 10 videos watched on our YouTube Channel in 2015


Earlier I gave you a post on the top read posts of 2015. We are doing more and more with video so I thought it would be fun to give you our top 10 most watched videos on the channel this year. I am hoping to do a lot more with video in 2016 so if you haven’t subscribe now would be a good time to do that. And now to the top 10:

10. 4 life lessons from a corn maze

9. A lie to destroy your prayer life

8. The power of ordinary people who pray

7. Your answer to prayer is coming

6. Pursuing God’s blessing in prayer

5. Time travel and prayer

4. How to deal with distraction in prayer

3. 3 things to pray when you hear “ISIS”

2. How to pray for someone

1. Remember Me App (This video is posted on the actual app site so creates a lot of views)



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