Warning! Are you missing out seeing an amazing God? (Updated)

How big is your God? I was at a prayer and fasting retreat for pastors and the speaker for the event was one of my mentors Ron Auch of Pray Tell ministries. He had a great illustration that I wanted to pass along to you. He reminded us of the fact that the moon is about 2200 miles across. At the same time the sun is over 800,000 miles across. They are not even close in size. But the much smaller moon is able to block out the view of the sun in the form of an eclipse. Isn’t that amazing?

But what does that have to do with your life? When we think of comparison of the devil and God we have the same kind of difference of size. God and the devil are not even close when it comes to power. Yet the devil can often block our view of God. This happens for 2 reasons:

  1. We allow the devil to get a lot closer to us than God.

This can happen through our favorite sins. This can happen through simply the seemingly harmless activities that allow too much darkness in our lives. I can’t say what that is for you, but each of us must guard our hearts.

  1. We let the devil get between us and God.

This happens when we don’t proactively move into His presence. Ron put it this way, “Our greatest spiritual battle is to get into the prayer closet.” When we see how big God is He takes up our whole view.

Has God got out of view because you need to get rid of some darkness that has got to close, or is it just a need of running into His presence?

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