A Multiplying Strategy for Piling up Rewards in Heaven (Updated)

I love doing something small and getting a large return on that effort. It is like people who made small investments in Microsoft when it was small and getting a lot of return later. For 10 years I worked at a financial firm, as I was also a pastor and in the early years of this ministry. I saw over and over how people would make small investments over time and get a large return later.

Jesus teaches this idea when it comes to prayer. In Matthew 6 he presents a powerful idea that could be life changing for you. He is talking about the life strategy of secret rewards. Secret giving gets rewards from the Father. Secret fasting gets rewards from the Father. In the middle of that He says that secret prayer gets the Father’s reward.

This is where private prayer for Christian leaders can be so powerful. I realize that when I get off the stage from speaking to a church at one of my conferences I often already have my reward. People come up to me and say what a great job I have done and pat me on the back.  A person praying for a pastor or missionary is something people may never know about till heaven. You could pray for various leaders for years and be making investments in your heavenly account.

I would love to stand behind some people of prayer in line when the rewards are handed in heaven just to see what they will get. Will you be one of those people?

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