Confessions of a short person: Lessons in pursuit by a wee little man.

For those who have never met me, you should know that I have never been accused of being tall. As a kid there was never line to try to get me to sign up to be center for a basketball team. This might be why I have a draw to Zacchaeus. At one of the churches I was pastor they even had an ongoing joke about me and Zacchaeus. I mean it would be just like me to have the song I am known for be, “Zacchaeus was a wee little man…” I am still scarred by the song, “Short people don’t deserve to live.”

But Zacchaeus got something right. And he has some important thoughts for each of us no matter how tall we stand. Zacchaeus is a model of passionate pursuit of Jesus.

First think of the desire he must have had to climb a tree. He had an opportunity to see Jesus and he wouldn’t pass it up. We have a continual opportunity to meet with Jesus so sometimes we take it for granted. Zacchaeus didn’t wait for later to go after Jesus. How much effort will we put into spending time with Jesus?

Second, he didn’t let his dignity get in the way. Zacchaeus worked with the Roman government. He didn’t allow the thought of, “What will the Romans think if they see me in a tree?” keep him from His pursuit. How many of the people he had to collect taxes from did he see as he climbed up the tree? What are the things that are keeping you from a passionate pursuit of Jesus?

Finally, he let his encounter impact his life. After Zacchaeus met with Jesus his heard was changed. His life was changed. Meeting with Jesus led to more than just a good feeling. Will you allow your time with Jesus to change the outflow of your life? I often need to capitalize on what God does in my life so it doesn’t slip away.

Let me encourage you to not let anything get in the way of your pursuit of Jesus. If we let it any moment could truly change our lives. That could even be today!

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