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Working in my ministry for the last 10 years has been mostly a one person thing. Don’t get me wrong at some point I would love to have a part time administrative assistant. I actually started researching five years ago. I have put together job descriptions. I have even had people prophecy over me the importance of this position to the ministry.

Then a few days ago I came across this website that allowed you to outsource 25 tasks to an assistant overseas for US $79 a month. I figured it was a low cost experiment and signed up for a month. After only a few days I have learned a lot. I learned things I like and don’t like that I never would have figured out in 5 years of research. Whether I use this service again or not again after the first month I am further ahead than those five years of research.

It got me thinking about how this true in our spiritual life as well. Sometimes it is easier to adjust a moving vehicle than one that is in park. Maybe this is why Jesus called his disciples to follow Him and then explained it as they went along. As Henry Blackaby said Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He didn’t give them a map. Some things can only be learned in the doing.

There are so many applications of this to our spiritual journey. Maybe you need some mentors in your life. Rather than worry about finding the perfect mentor who is someone you could email or call today with a specific question you are struggling with right now? After a few emails, phone calls and lunch meetings you will know a little more of what you are looking for in a group of mentors (note I say group rather than just one mentor).

We want to start a Bible study plan. Start with reading a few verses every day. It is later on down the road that you can figure out if you should add Bible memorization or word studies or something else. A prayer life will grow, but it is easier to see areas to that need growth after the conversation has started. Then you can buy a book on prayer. Okay you can do that now. Has God put in your heart to start a ministry or write a book? Action is important. As I shared in a video it is important to start somewhere. The little actions make all of the difference.

As I mentioned at the top about my assistant I am still in the process of learning. I may get a month in and need to take a step back to start over. But going back at this point is still progress because I will have learned a path I don’t want to go down again. What action will you take today?

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