10 Books That I Have Loved On Prayer

One encounter could change the direction of your life. I think of conversations that I have had that stuck with me for years to come. Some of these interactions are because I have sat down with a mentor and had a conversation in person. Sometimes those interactions were through their books and they may even have lived hundreds of years ago.

As we close in on the summer here in the United States as I write this let me throw a challenge to you. Would you have an interaction with a spiritual hero that could last you for the rest of your life? If you are looking some suggestions let me introduce you to some classics that should help you get started.

(Note the links that I include will give a small percentage to the ministry if you buy it that way, but feel free to buy it through your favorite method if you prefer)

Experiencing God-Henry Blackaby: This book (or workbook) will take you head first into the adventure of following Jesus. Although not only a book on prayer the backdrop of prayer is vital for everything that is said. It is also great for a group study.

Red Moon Rising- Pete Greig: The next five on my list are stories of people’s journey. I love how other people’s lives can help me understand my own. This book gives the back story of the 24-7 prayer movement going on in Europe right now.

The Autobiography of George Muller: I have read lots on the life of George Muller. His adventure of prayer to build orphanages in England is an encouragement still today. Be prepared to have your faith challenged.

Praying Hyde- E.G. Carre– This missionary to India took his prayer life to a level most will be amazed by when they hear it. Don’t get discouraged because you are not at his level. Rather I let his life challenge me with the result that his life accomplished.

The Practice of the Presence of God-Brother Lawrence– Although technically a group of letters this book gives a look at the life of a man who worked in the kitchen of a monastery in Paris. His teaching on prayer has stood the test of time for hundreds of years.

A Year of Living Prayerfully-Jared Brock– Although I have done a full post on this book I figured I should include it in this list. This is one man’s journey to try and grow his prayer life. His travels around the world make for fun and engaging reading.

Prayer-Richard Foster– Foster is known most for his book The Celebration of Discipline but I really enjoyed his book on prayer as well. This book is a little denser than the other books that I have recommended but the richness is worth the effort.

The Divine Conspiracy-Dallas Willard– Speaking of dense books let me throw in Dallas Willard’s 448 page book on the Sermon on the Mount. Dallas Willard was a philosophy professor at the University of Southern California and the book is written at that level without the textbook feel. Although not technically a prayer book if you are looking for a challenge this could be a great book for you.

The Hour that Changes the World- Dick Eastman– I read this book when I was 13 years old and it changed my prayer life forever. The book lays out a simple plan to pray for an hour. This is probably the book that I have most recommended on the life of prayer.

Knowing God- JI Packer– Again this is not technically a prayer book but can be a great help to a prayer life. Packer walks the reader through various attributes of God. Knowing who you are praying to makes your prayer life deeper.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the list, just pick one and get started. Whoever you interact with, I pray that your prayer life grows in the months and years ahead as you learn from the wisdom of our brothers and sisters who have gone before us.

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