6 simple things you can do to reignite your prayer life

Mark Batterson is famous for saying, “Change of pace + change of place = change of perspective.” A change of perspective can be powerful for our spiritual journey. A danger in our prayer life is that we get in a routine that turns into a rut. The routine that once gave it life and power becomes the rut that keeps us from experiencing life with God.

Often when I am doing a conference or service at a church my assignment is to help people bring new life to their prayer times. This can include reintroducing them to what Pete Greig calls the “buffet” of prayer by showing all of the different types of prayer talked about in the Bible.

One way that the rut of a prayer routine can be escaped from is by a change of posture. Our physical position can change our thinking which can awaken our awareness of God. Even adding a posture to a good prayer life can change your perspective. Here are six ideas to get you started.

Lifting hands– This position can put us in a place of praise to God or acknowledging our dependence on Him. David said, “Hear the voice of my pleas for mercy…when I lift up my hands toward your most holy sanctuary.” (Psalms 28:2 ESV) When Moses lifted up his hands in prayer it brought about a victory (Exodus 17)

Standing– Jesus said, “whenever you stand praying…” (Mark 11:25 ESV) I find this especially helpful if I am struggling with sleep while praying. Standing makes it very hard to fall asleep during my prayer time.

Sitting– Jesus was often sitting in conversation with people. I have done a video on a simple way to start a prayer life. It is like having coffee with Jesus.

Kneeling– Simply kneeling can put you in an attitude of humility that opens you up to hear from God. Solomon knelt in prayer at the dedication of the temple (2 Chronicles 6:13). Kneeling has long been associated with prayer and for good reason: it puts you in a position to pray.

Prostrate– Taking the humility of kneeling a step further you could lay flat on the floor in a prostrate position. Moses said he was in this position in repentance for the sins of Israel. (Deuteronomy 9:18) Although this may not be the best to try first while laying in bed while really tired, it is a great acknowledgement of our dependance on God.

Walking– Enoch and Noah are said to have walked with God. Whether this is a metaphor or not it is a great way to stay engaged while in prayer. The disciples definitely walked and talked with Jesus. If you enjoy the outdoors a prayer walk could be a great thing to try.

Which one of these could you add (or add back) to your prayer life? What other postures did I miss? Giving it a try could pull you out of a rut and into the fast lane with God again.

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