Do you dare sit in a chair across from Jesus?


When I was in college one of my professors gave a simple idea for us when it came to prayer. I have taken his idea and adapted it to something I use when I speak. The idea is very simple. I take two chairs and set them up on the stage partially facing each other. I then encourage them to think of prayer as them sitting in one seat and Jesus sitting in the other having a conversation.

Recently this idea has captivated my imagination even more. Are we daring enough to sit in the chair across from Jesus to have a conversation. Sitting down with Jesus has life changing possibilities. Sitting down with Jesus doesn’t always go as we expect.

We know that this should be expected since that is what happened to people in gospels when they “sat down” to a conversation with Jesus. To take a line from a TV show we when we sit down with Jesus we should expect the unexpected. Read again the drama of the Gospels and you will be amazed at the potential of those moments. Speaking of drama and TV how does conversation with Jesus compare with some of the “greats”

Jesus is more insightful than Sherlock Holmes

If you have read a book, watched a TV show, or movie about Sherlock Holmes I would imagine that sitting down with him would have been an interesting activity. As you arrive at 221B Baker Street and Dr. Watson takes your coat you would be wondering what details Holmes would notice. But sitting down with Jesus it is likely that he will dig below the surface. Just ask the woman at the well. No point in pretending with Him it is time to be honest. Do you dare to sit in the chair?

Jesus is wiser than Yoda

When we sit down with Jesus in prayer it is not like traveling to a galaxy far far away. Even as a kid his wisdom amazed. His insight challenged the religious leaders of the day. His discernment cut through the arguments of His enemies. When we come to “sit in the chairs” with Jesus, His insight could forever change our thinking. Do you dare to sit in the chair?

Jesus is more life changing than a training sequence in a Rocky movie

It so many movies there is a moment where the hero changes and maybe there is a montage of workout scenes and the person is a difference person. Or a group of ragtag people is turned into an army. Sitting down with Jesus can have an even more dramatic impact. Zacchaeus has a short encounter with Jesus and it changes his life. One of the criminals on a cross next to Jesus has a brief encounter with Him that changes his eternity. Do you dare to sit in the chair?

Jesus is more world changing than Pinky and the Brain

I don’t mean to get you upset on this one, but there is an old TV show that I have never watched. But the is a funny conversation that is at the heart of the premise of the show. Pinky asks Brain, “What do you want to do tonight?” To which Brain replies, “Same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world.” Although I mention that to be funny, we find in the story of the disciples that the longer you sit with Jesus you end up on a real mission to change the world. Mark 3:14 reminds us that Jesus invited them to be with Him and then He would send them out. There message is still changing the world. Do you dare to sit in the chair?

Conversation with Jesus can be life changing. Prayer does not need to be complicated, but it can be transformative. Do you dare to sit in the chair?

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