How many people does it take to start a revival?


Maybe it is the nerd in me but the math of this question is interesting for me to think about. The other part to the nerd in me is that I have probably read more than my share of church history and looked at the story of revival. I even updated Charles Finney’s Lectures on Revival for today’s reader. But I don’t want to just read about revival, I want to see the church experience it at whole new levels.

For part of my teenage years I went to a youth group with a motto of: We don’t want to be the youth group know for the largest ice cream sundae, but as the youth group that goes after God. With that attitude even as a teenager we experienced some amazing things and saw people far away from God come to Him. It put an imprint on my mind that Christians no matter the age can make an impact if they seek the Lord.

But how many people does it take to start something new for God? Let me challenge you with a thought. It is probably less than you think. I have written elsewhere about how people can make an impact on line for God in this day and age. God even taught us in the story of Gideon that it is important to Him that there is not too many people when God starts to save.

In the story of the Bible and the story of history it often starts with a small number. It is Gideon’s soldiers that I mentioned but also the 12 that Jesus called to be his disciples. It was 24 men and 24 woman that started the Moravian 24/7 prayer meeting that lasted for 100 years. It was a small group of people that met in a home that started the Azusa Street revival. It was a small group of writers and preachers that 500 years ago started the Protestant Reformation.

All of this should encourage us. You and your friends may be the spark of the next movement that God has for his church. Your love of your neighbor may bring about the awakening that your neighborhood needs. God is just looking for people like Moses, Samuel and Isaiah who say, “Here I am.” Will you be one of those people?

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