3 Part Prayer Plan for the Unavoidable Crisis of Life

Kevin Senapatiratne 2015

Therefore let all the faithful pray to you

    while you may be found;

surely the rising of the mighty waters

    will not reach them. Psalm 32:6

This is one of my favorite verses from one of my favorite chapters of the Bible. It is so full of truth of the realities of life. Here are some truths to help you when that next crisis of life hits you.

Build the path of prayer when you are not in crisis.

The author is reminding us it might be harder to find God in the midst of a crisis so make a habit of prayer when things are going well. As much as I would like it otherwise difficulty will come in life, but I can prepare ahead of time by praying before I get there.

Call out to God the best that you know how in the midst of your crisis.

It may feel hard to find God in the midst of your crisis. When the storm is crashing down and you feel like you are sinking the only prayer you might be able to pray will be like Peter when he was sinking, “Lord, save me!” It may be hard but reach out as best you can on the path that you built before.

Give yourself grace when the storm comes.

As this passage reminds us when storms come it can be hard to even have the strength to reach out. But the beauty is that in those moments we can simply rest in God. The very next verse reminds us that He is our hiding place. In the hiding place you don’t have to do anything but stay still and let the hiding place protect you from the danger outside. God is able to protect you as you rest in Him!

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