Not Just For Super Christians “Kickstarter” Style Event


I am excited because in the next few months we will be launching my third book-Not Just For Super Christians: A 30 day adventure with Jesus. It is designed to help people take their faith to a whole new level in 30 days with a very practical plan. We believe this also has the potential to help whole churches as they work through this book together.

As I travel around to churches of all shapes and sizes to many people are too intimidated to live out their faith and so they do not do simple things that all of us can do. This book was written from my heart to help people know the exhilaration of saying “yes” to following Jesus like never before.

What would it be like if individuals felt a new level of confidence to live out their faith in practical ways? How exiting could it be to have a church experience heart pounding adventure as they take a jump together into all that God has for them?

This book is not designed to be a run of the mill devotional but as an interactive experience to change your life. And yes, we have a time machine!

In order for us to get this book out into the world to make a difference in lives I wanted to launch a “kickstarter” style event. This will help us get copies of books into the hands of key leaders among other parts of our strategic plan. To make this a fun we have created levels and different “thank you”s to go with them. What level will you do?

Iron Man Level: $25 donation. At this level I will mail you an autographed copy of the book when it is released. Fly to this level (*)

Spiderman Level: $50 donation. At this level I will mail you autographed copies of each of my first three books the the newest one is released. Swing up to this level (*)

Batman Level: $250 donation. At this level you get everything in the Spiderman level plus a thank you on social media. (This would be a great way for a company to get in front of our 200,000 in social media.) To the Batmobile to help

Superman Level: $500 donation. At this level you get everything in the Batman level and a thank you in the credits of the book. Up up and away

Thanks for being a part of this fun event.

(*) Please considering adding $10 for postage if you live outside the United States. Thanks

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