A 1 minute strategy that can have huge impacts on the culture of prayer in your ministry


In January I was at the meetings of America’s National Prayer Committee. This is the group that helped found the National Day of Prayer. There are prayer leaders from all sorts of denominations and prayer ministries. This year there was about 60 in attendance.

As part of this event we took about a day and a half to discuss strategy for helping raise up prayer across the country. Among other things we would break into even smaller groups and discuss specific questions. It was an honor for me to sit in a small circle and discuss with some amazing leaders and hearing their thoughts.

In one of these discussions the conversation turned to a simple win for pastors and church leaders in raising up and training prayer in a church. These leaders were talking about the pastoral prayer. On a Sunday morning (or any church gathering) when the pastor goes to microphone to pray it is one of the great modeling moments for the church. If intentional over the course of weeks and months can create momentum for a praying church.

When I was a lead pastor so much thought and prayer went into my message and other components of the service so I am going to challenge you to just add one minute to that preparation. Let me encourage you to do 2 things:

First, take 30 seconds and think about the content of what you will be praying. Steer mostly toward vision items for the church as it will engage the largest percentage of the people.

Second, take the other 30 seconds to focus your heart towards God about that prayer time. If people can feel your heart and passion in prayer they will be more likely to be drawn in to your prayer.

I believe if you consistently follow this simple practice it could have a huge impact on your church or ministry.

Not Just For Super Christians Is Finally Here

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I remember walking through Epcot in Orlando Florida about 6 years ago and thinking about this moment. I have been working toward this moment since then.  And now it has arrived.  What I am really most excited about is the possibility for you. I have traveled around the country and around the world and too many Christians I meet are living a boring Christianity.

Do you think Christianity is made up of Super-Christians and then the rest of us? There are those “special” people who have it all together and get to “do the stuff” and have adventure with God. Are you one of those “ordinary” people who love Jesus, but have resigned yourself to a boring routine of the regular? Do you leave the rest of it to those who get up in the morning and fly off with the assignment that God gives to them. This book is designed to change that for you forever. It begins with a time machine.

Imagine for a moment that you have a time machine. It is set up in your house and you bring people out from the past to interview for a podcast that you are the host. For the next 30 days you get to have that time machine as you work through this book. Each day someone from the Bible will sit down with you as you discover what adventure with Jesus can really look like. You get to draw out principles that you can use to have your own adventure.

Well finally this book is available today!! Let me encourage you to buy one for you and a friend to go through this adventure together. You may only be 30 days away from a whole different walk with Jesus. Commit right now to a heart pounding and fulfilling life you were designed for. Take the plunge today.

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P.S. I don’t know if authors are allowed to have favorite books, but I think this is mine so far. Please check it out.