I am grateful for you! Yes you!

I just wanted to take a moment this morning to say that I am grateful for you, as a subscriber to this blog. There are about 85 of you right now subscribed and I feel like you are an important part of my calling in life. I watched a video this morning (see below) and I thought of you. The subscriber list might grow (Lord willing) but right now I wanted each of you to know that I write these posts and make videos with you in mind. Today is my day off so I need to get back to cleaning the house, but I just wanted to say thanks for subscribing. If I have not met you personally I would love for you to email me a little bit about yourself so I can hear your story. You can reach me at kevinchristconnection (at) gmail.com

Have a great day and thanks again!


Annual Birthday Challenge

We are looking to be a resource to:

1. Help encourage pastors and help them grow prayer in their church.

2. Engage 100,000 people to pray for their pastor.

3. Help every Christian realize that prayer is first of all a “get to” before it is a “have to.” We want to help them see how as well.

And we are looking to do this for pastors, churches and Christians around the world! 

This leads me to a fun thing we love to do every year. On the 21st of this month I will celebrate my 39th birthday. Each year we ask you to consider a donation matching the number of years (this year $39). With the opportunities and possibilities that lay in front of this ministry I am adding 2 additional challenges:

  1. Let’s see if this month we can get 39 people to give any amount to the ministry “for the first time”. If you have thought of giving in the past this is a great time to give. It is a big challenge, but I think that we can get there.
  2. Our monthly supporters are the life blood of this ministry. It would take this ministry to a whole new level if we added 39 new supporters in 2015. One of my coaches is challenging me to think about increasing our monthly support by $1000 by the end of May. If you have questions about this or want to join the team please let us know.