4 Things to Pray for Your Kids or Grandkids (Updated)

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Sometimes we are looking for what to pray for our kids (or for some of you grandkids). Whether I have a long time to pray for my daughter or can just launch a short prayer to heaven this structure has helped me so much. I picked this up from one of my mentors, Dick Eastman the head of Every Home for Christ. I have used it often over the years whether I am praying for Samantha as she is going to bed or in my own time with God. This idea comes from the verse: “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” (Luke 2:52 NLT) From this we can easily see the four areas to pray for them.

1.  Pray for their minds.

In this area you pray that they would grow in wisdom. It may lead you to pray for their school or the specific thing that they are learning at the moment. You can also pray for the wisdom that you need to teach them as you get opportunity.

2. Pray for them physically.

Jesus grew in stature. If they are younger, you can pray for their development. Even if they are older you can pray for their protection and for health to be maintained. If they are sick this is a time to pray for their healing. You can pray for the provision they may need.

3. Pray for their relationship with God.

I pray that my daughter would learn God’s voice at an early age. I pray for her friendship with Jesus. I pray that she would be a blessing spiritually. Pray that your children and grandchildren have a deep love for God’s word.

4. Pray for their relationship with others.

This is where I pray for my daughters friends. I am praying for the kids in her class at school and church. I pray for her teachers she has and will have. Pray that they will have good relationship with the people they meet and will grow in this area.

This is just a system; there is nothing magical about it, but it gives me a framework that is helpful to my prayer life. Along with praying for the current situation in each of these area you can also pray each of them into the future.

For thoughts on praying into the future and time travel and prayer watch this video:


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The day I ran into Billy Graham (almost)


Faithfulness and perseverance matter in long term fruitfulness. My wife Jennie and I got married when we were 20. Being from MN, we obviously decided to get married in the middle of winter (said with a great deal of tongue in cheek). Being 20 we didn’t have a lot of money for a honeymoon. My parents helped pay for one in Rochester, MN about 90 minutes away, close to Mayo hospital.

We borrowed my sister-in-laws car to get down there and proceeded to not be able to start it due to the cold. Fortunately, Rochester has a series of underground and above ground enclosed walkways to get us around. This allowed us to get to a shopping area and multiple restaurants.

One of the days we took our hotel elevator to the underground walkway. While walking through one hallway we passed 3 or 4 men walking in the opposite direction. After we passed them I stopped Jennie and said, “One of those men was Billy Graham.” We weren’t sure so we turned around and headed back the way we came. Sure enough as we passed by Billy Graham was getting on the elevator to our same hotel.

We saw him briefly later in the week at a restaurant we both ate. Although I never had a conversation with him it was a fun moment early in our marriage and early in ministry. Almost 18 years later I am grateful for a chance encounter with a hero of the faith.

But when I think of Billy Graham I think of a person with faithfulness, perseverance to the calling of his life. I am sure he has made mistakes over the years, but he has made consistent strides to the things that God has called him to do.

The question to ask yourself before you go on with your day is, “Am I being faithful to what God has called me to do or am I about to throw in the towel?” You may never be Billy Graham, but you can be the best version of you that you can be. Be faithful today and only eternity will tell the impact your perseverance made.