Not Just for Super Christians

Do you think Christianity is made up of Super-Christians and then the rest of us? There are those “special” people who have it all together and get to have adventure with God. Are you one of those “ordinary” people who love Jesus, but have resigned yourself to a boring routine of the regular? This book is designed to change that for you forever.

Imagine for a moment that you have a time machine. Each day, for 30 days, someone from the Bible will sit down and help you discover what adventure with Jesus can really look like. More than a “devotional” with a bunch of dry Bible characters, Not Just for Super Christians is here to help you choose your own adventure with God.

Paperback ( $ 9.99 USD


Charles Finney’s Lectures on Revival

Lectures webCharles Finney and his Lectures on Revival have impacted lives and churches for over 100 years. Will you allow your life to be changed next? This edition has been updated with today’s reader in mind. Shortened to a more manageable size with questions added, it is now perfect for a small group study or personal six week challenge. Updated language and Bible translations make this book a great tool for every Christian. There is also a new section to help you plan a church-wide campaign. You stand on the edge of an exciting adventure that could change your Christian life forever. When people write the history of what God has done will they have to write about you?

Paperback ( $ 9.95 USD


Enjoying Prayer

EnjoyingPrayer webDoes the idea of spending time in prayer make you sleepy? Would you rather eat your least favorite food than pray for an extended amount of time? Does your prayer life consist of the ten seconds before each meal? Do you think of prayer as simply boring? Enjoying Prayer: Launching Your God Adventure will transform your prayer time to one of your favorite things to do. Join Kevin as he shares Scripture and true life stories to give you a glimpse of the fun and power that is possible when you spend time with God in prayer. On this journey you will discover a God who loves to be with you, and practical ways that you can walk with Him throughout your day.

Paperback ( $ 9.95 USD
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