He has a great sense of humor, but more importantly, a great sense of what the Holy Spirit wants to say to His church.  I highly recommend Kevin to your church.
Bill HicksPastorBuffalo Assembly of GodBuffalo, MN

 Click Here to view sample videos of Kevin speaking about Prayer and Revival.

How can we help you?

Kevin has been speaking to churches across the country since 2005 and he was a senior pastor for 9 years before starting Christ Connection. His goal when speaking to your church or organization is to move the ball down the field in the direction that you are going. With a mission to get 100,000 people praying for their pastors and leaders he will most likely challenge the people to pray for YOU! Most often speaking in a suit coat and super hero shirt his message is prayer, and life with Jesus in general, is not just for super Christians.

Some of the main messages that God gives him to speak are:

Enjoying Prayer– A call to a God who likes to spend time with you

Not just for Super Christians – A strategy to adventure with Jesus

How to have a practical powerful prayer life

Building a culture of prayer in your church to prepare for revival

Emmanuel Prayer Service

What does an event look like?

One of the beauty’s of a Christ Connection event is it can fit into the calendar of your church (prayer for mother’s on Mother’s Day, prayer for students about to head off to school etc.) You can work with Kevin to figure out what would work best. Two of the most common ways we have done it in the past:

  • A Saturday evening training for the committed people of prayer with a Sunday morning call to new people to engage in prayer. 
  • A Sunday morning call to new people with a Sunday afternoon/evening practical training on prayer.

But if those two formats don’t work in your setting reach out and see if we can work with your event. Kevin has spoken in events like men’s retreats, prayer leaders seminars or training of leaders of leaders.

Contact Kevin at kevinchristconnection(at)gmail.com and let’s see what God would do!